Listed here are the current member organisations of the Politiea network, listed in alphabetical order of countries. If your organisation is interested in joining the mission and aims of the network, do get in contact. Those listed as ‘active members’ are in communication with one another as of Summer 2017. If you notice that your member organisation is listed as ‘inactive’, please feel free to get in contact to reconnect with the rest of the community.

Active Members

Belgium · Conférence Olivaint de Belgique

cropped-logoOlivaintThe Conférence Olivaint de Belgique was founded on 7th November 1954 as a politically and religiously independent student organization, following the model of the French Conférence Olivaint. Its goal is, following the motto „Comprendre la gouvernance pour apprendre à gouverner“ (understanding governance to learn how to govern), to convey to its student members the values of responsible citizenship in addition to academic education.

Finland · Iltakoulu

Iltakoulu is the student association for the students of Political finnish logoScience and International Relations in University of Tampere. Iltakoulu’s main purpose is to represent the interests of its members in academic affairs as well as to provide a number of various activities for people to enjoy.

France · Conférence Olivaint

Logo_de_la_Conférence_OlivaintThe Conférence Olivaint, founded 1875, is a politically independent think tank and the oldest French student organization. Contrary to its initial, caritative guiding principle, it focuses today on its members’ political education. Amongst its former members („Anciens“) are numerous famous actors and actresses, ministers, parliamentarians and personalities from the whole of France’s political landscape.

Germany · Studentenforum im Tönissteiner Kreis

studentenforumStudentenforum im Tönissteiner Kreis e.V. is a politically and religiously independent, interdisciplinary think tank. It connects internationally oriented German students in a cosmopolitan community, promoting socio-political responsibility. It offers a platform for international dialogue between the young generation and representatives from companies, academia, politics and the media.

Mexico · Conferencia Mariano Otero

11873722_10153466021124098_4651809152747274081_nThe Conferencia Mariano Otero (COMO) is a student organization whose main goal is to strengthen democratic culture in Mexico. It is politically, ideologically and religiously independent. By providing a forum for impartial and constructive discussions, COMO is open to students and young graduates regardless of their academic or ideological background.

Poland · The Students’ Parliament for the Republic of Poland

polishlogosquareThe Students’ Parliament for the Republic of Poland (‘PSRP’) represents students towards public authorities on the highest level as well as on the international arena. It plays a significant role in co-deciding about the position of students’ in society and the country’s youth policy. The PSRP supports student projects, patronages cultural events,  inspires international students’ exchange and actively participates in international students’ movement.

United Kingdom · GRIMSHAW Club

Grimshaw logoThe Grimshaw Club is a student society founded in 1923 at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). Being amongst LSE’s oldest student societies, the Grimshaw Club regularly hosts academic debates, lectures and panels related to International Relations and organizes annual study trips abroad for academic and cultural exchange.

Inactive Members

Croatia · European Circle Croatia

flag_of_croatia-svgEuropean Circle Croatia (EKH) was founded in 2001, with the support of the German Tönissteiner Kreis. The EKH’s main goal is to bring together young, ambitious people willing to work in the public interest for the common good. Members are expected to excel academically and to be ready for work in an international environment and to support Croatian integration into the international community.

Lithuania · Vilnius University Students’ Association

flag_of_lithuania-svg-1The Vilnius University Students’ Association was founded in 1989 and is a student society of Vilnius University. It aims to represent the academic, social and cultural interests of the students inside and outside of the university and improves the academic conditions by organizing events, thus facilitating exchange in the student community.

Slovakia · Efpolit

flag_of_slovakia-svgEfpolit is a politically independent student organization composed of students and young graduates of Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. It was founded in 1998, then being amongst the first student initiatives of the professorship of politics and International Relations. Together with other young people, its members campaign for internationality and public commitment.

Spain · Foro Generación del 78

flag_of_spain-svgForo Generación del 78 was founded in 1999, referring to Spain’s democratic constitution and is mainly composed of young professionals. The independent network provides a platform for discussion of political, economic and cultural issues in an international context. Its members also intend to initiate public debates and to strengthen civil society through public commitment.