About The Politeia Community

The Politeia community connects international partner organizations from 9 countries, all fostering international exchange, active citizenship and societal responsibility.

The history of the community

The Politeia community was first institutionalized in 2002, during the 3rd International Summer Academy (ISA) in Paris. Following the joint initiative of the International Relations Officers of the German “Studentenforum im Tönissteiner Kreis” and the French Conférence Olivaint de Paris, the partner organizations signed the “Politeïa-Agreement on the establishment of a partnership for the development of international civil society through political education and debate”. The agreement was modified with the “Zagreb Amendments” (following the 4th ISA in 2003) and the “Mexico-City Amendments” (after the 5th ISA in September 2004). This created the position of a Politeia coordinator — a member of the organization hosting the upcoming ISA.


Some of the participants and organisers of the ISA 2016 in London 


The Politeia community, through its member organizations, intends to convey a deeper understanding of international contexts to students from all over the world while increasing the development of intercultural skills.

In addition, the Politeia community aims to better connect the partner organizations and its members transnationally to create a sense of responsibility, interests and values beyond the countries’ borders amongst tomorrow’s decision makers.